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Atlas Spinal Center is a member of the Atlas Orthogonal Program, a project under the umbrella of the Roy W Sweat Foundation. The foundation was established in 1982 as a non-profit organisation with 15 directors chosen for their achievements in, and dedication to, Atlas Orthogony. It funds the program's global research and awareness, aimed at improving the health and extending the lives of people around the world.

AO treatment has a 40-year track record and is practiced widely throughout the United States as well as in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Korea, and Italy.

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Suffer from chronic
migraines, backache or

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic has linked many ailments like these to the misalignment of the atlas bone.

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The Atlas Orthogonal treatment has been approved by the following health regulatory bodies from around the world.