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We get to the root cause of health problems.

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A patient-centered path to healing.

Our goal at Atlas Spinal Center is to bring pain relief to our patients, giving them a chance to live normal lives again. We understand how the pain associated with backaches, chronic migraines, fatigue and other ailments can be exhausting and severely hamper your quality of life.

AO is FDA approved – it's non-invasive and is a safe alternative to other extreme methods such as surgery or even the practice of masking the pain with damaging painkillers.

Our clinic is a member of the Atlas Orthogonal Network with 120 clinics around the world. We have appointed renowned and experience AO specialists as our Doctors at the first AO center in the Middle East.

We align ourselves with the philosophy of giving the patient what they need and desire while keeping the patient firmly in control of the decision making process".

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Suffer from chronic
migraines, backache or

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic has linked many ailments like these to the misalignment of the atlas bone.

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The Atlas Orthogonal treatment has been approved by the following health regulatory bodies from around the world.