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How long does an adjustment last?

Because the procedure is so accurate, the effects are usually long lasting. As well as creating a tailored series of treatments, your AO chiropractor will suggest ways to improve your posture and movement. We will work out a therapeutic stretching programme that helps you hold the correction for as long as possible (the exact period will depend on the severity of your condition).

How do I maintain my AO spinal correction?

When the head and neck have been replaced to their natural position, the body will regain its normal balance and relationship to gravity. However, your AO chiropractor will help you maintain this by suggesting how to improve your posture, and putting you on a gentle exercise routine.

How is the treatment determined?

At Atlas Spinal Center we first conduct a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and prior health history. Combining that information with the results of a physical exam – including measurements and X-rays – your AO chiropractor can accurately pinpoint the source of your problem and decide on the most effective treatment plan.

Are X-rays necessary?

Yes. Seeing what is actually going on under your skin takes the guesswork out of healthcare. Your AO chiropractor has had extensive X-ray training and will only order X-rays that are vital to the diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

What else can AO do?

AO spinal corrections can help you and your family resolve pain and suffering, and can also aid the healthy growth and development of your children. Precision spinal care can eliminate the need for medication and surgery in many cases.

What is the atlas bone?

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, commonly called C1. However there is nothing common about the atlas. There are no other segments like it in the spine or anywhere else in the body. It is a transition segment between the skull and the spine, weighing approximately just two ounces yet supporting the entire skull. It encircles the brainstem and spinal cord area, and protects two arteries (the vertebral arteries) that transport blood and oxygen to a good portion of the brain.

How can one bone cause headaches?

The atlas has the job of protecting the upper reaches of the spinal cord and delicate arterial pathways. If the atlas becomes misaligned or out of synch with the skull, pressure or irritation on the tissues around the spinal cord – including the vascular pathways – can result. This imbalance seems to be the root cause of the majority of recurring headache cases.

Does Dr Jeff practice medicine?

No, Dr Jeff practices chiropractic. He is one of a select group of doctors who have become specialised in Atlas Orthogonal Procedures. Many people don't realise that there are specialties within chiropractic. Just as a medical doctor may specialise in paediatrics or neurology, Dr Jeff and his contemporaries have received unique training to become Atlas Orthogonists.

Does AO hurt?

No. That is one of the truly remarkable aspects of this treatment. Not only is there no pain associated with it, you may feel nothing during the procedure itself – the stylus of the instrument lightly touches the skin on the neck and does not probe into it at all. Initially patients often comment that nothing has happened. But after a short period, there is almost always a sensation of relief and wellbeing.

Is it bad to 'crack' my neck?

Yes. If you take a look at the related anatomy of the area, it forms a lifeline between your brain and body.

If AO care is so good, why haven't I heard of it?

Although AO is a relatively young treatment it is already practiced in hundreds of clinics in the US, with awareness also growing in Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan and South Korea. There has been no major publicity to drive AO because no pharmaceuticals stand to gain from it, so it still relies on word of mouth. And because our society tends to favour the quick-fix approach of conventional western medicine, therapies such as AO, which treat underlying health issues, are slow to catch on.

If I try AO can I go just once?

Of course you can. Once is better than never and sometimes a major correction will happen immediately. However, this is an individual question that is best asked of your AO chiropractor in a consultation. You have every right to ask and expect straight answers.

What happens if spinal misalignments are left untreated?

Left uncorrected, this condition will likely continue to plague you. Essentially your life force will be diminished by continued headaches, lowered energy, perhaps chronic fatigue and you'll experience poorer health. In the worst case, it can lead to spinal decay – a crippling condition which is progressive and relentless.

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